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TK 16 V2

If you've ever really noticed that 'soft' look in films and commercials, or how a product somehow 'pops' right out of the screen, or how the colors in an outdoor scene look so rich and vibrant, then you understand the effect of color grading in video production. There is an old saying that no Director is satisfied straight out of the camera. It makes no difference if the gear is a Red Komodo or an Alexa LF - what you see is not straight out of the camera or even converted from log to some final display format (such as Rec 709). That footage goes through color grading after editing is complete (although some shops add final titling after color).

The color grading process is not exclusive to film and high-end broadcast; L-5 Imaging can put this powerful tool directly in your hands! We offer grading services to everyone from one-person shops to high-end film/broadcast studios. Of course, we use Resolve Studio 17+ and we speak your language (bake-and-blade/EDL). L-5's particular specialty is helping small shops obtain high-quality results from lower-budget equipment. Here are a couple example videos that were shot on a DJI Mavic Mini with no filter and auto settings. This produces pretty much the most amateurish video you can get from the lowest of the low end of 'camera' drones. See what L-5 can do even with poor-quality base footage:

And, if you want more filmic or commercial looks from top-tier cameras, here are some grades using stock footage from RED cameras.

For more examples, check out the L-5 Imaging Color Grading Samples page! We hope to discuss a project with you soon!

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Jim Armstrong

Founder, L-5 Imaging