SAR Night Op

Wolf at night

This was a night SAR training op at the LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX. The goal was to traverse a shortened version of the Yellow Trail during night, using no map, compass, or GPS nav. I employed several shortcuts that took a good two miles off the normal Yellow-Trail distance. These included taking the Turkey Trot instead of Six Flags trail back from the Piney Woods campground. I had prior daytime experience with segments of my desired route, but had never traversed the complete circuit day or night. I was allowed to use natural land features and position of moon/planets for reference. The latter was challenging since it was mostly or partly cloudy the entire mission.

The entire (nearly six-hour) experience was recorded on video although the recording was a secondary consideration. This is the type of SAR op in which I specialize, so I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I did making it. Now, you might think of a long trek alone at night with the wild animals and a full loadout (about 30 pounds of gear) would not classify as 'enjoyable.' I would counter that while a lot of people were crashing on the couch watching TV, I was resting at the Royal Gorge Bridge where I saw a cool meteor streak overhead while listening to the coyotes howl at the moon. For me, that's enjoyment!

The video is approximately 16 1/2 minutes long.

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Jim Armstrong

Founder, L-5 Imaging