Fenix TK 16 V2 Field Evaluation

TK 16 V2

My standard night search and rescue loadout consists of a headlamp (I actually carry three), and two shoulder-mounted lights. The left-shoulder light is a Fenix TK 22 UE (long-throw spot). The right-shoulder light is used to illuminate somewhat wider areas beyond the range of my primary headlamp. These illuminations are generally short in duration (5 to 30 seconds).

I recently performed a detailed field evaluation of the Fenix TK 16 V2 at the LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX. This was my third night outing with the TK-16 and its final test as a candidate for my right-shoulder light. I was extremely impressed and you can view the full half-hour video here for the details!

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Jim Armstrong

Founder, L-5 Imaging