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L-5 Imaging

While I might have an 'Action Jackson' side to my personality, I grew up as a Star-Trek loving, card-carrying geek. My college courses of study were Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering. During a physics course, I was exposed to Lagrange points of an n-body system, which are points of equilibrium in the motion of two or more bodies, relative to one-another. The view of all bodies in the system appear fixed at all times at each Lagrange point.

The Earth-Moon system has five Lagarange points, two of which are stable, i.e. small perturbations from the point do not force an object away from its fixture at that point. The L-5 point is particularly interesting and a suggestion was offered in the late 1970s of placing a space station in orbit at the L-5 point due to its stability and relative ease of travel from Kennedy Space Center. An organization called the L-5 Society promoted this view.

When I first did the "Lynch" scenario at the Denton Police Academy, I had to think fast during one point in the dialog and stated that the 'NSA shifted the orbit of its L-4 satellite.' This was a vague reference to the system of Lagrange points and it became a fixture of the scenario (which features a mentally disturbed person who thinks he works for an organization called 'The Network' whose charter is to expose illegal NSA activity inside US borders).

When I pondered a name for the company, L-5 seemed an ideal prefix as it provided a connection to the 'old college days' as well as my ongoing work with the Denton Academy.

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Jim Armstrong

Founder, L-5 Imaging