L-5 Imaging Business Services

  • Drone Operations
  • Search And Rescue
  • Videography
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Expeditions
  • HDR Photography
Drone Operations

Your Fleet Or Ours.

L-5 Imaging specializes in the tactical use of drones in search-and-rescue as well as search-and-recovery of physical assets. If we can ingress several miles in-country (armed), deploy a drone from a backpack, and then make it out despite both human and animal risk, then we can probably handle your need for outdoor footage, unique B-roll, industrial inspection, or other aerial videography needs.

We can shoot 4K (w/HDR if applicable) during good weather, and even handle inspections during rain. The latter is often important as construction companies sometimes require real-time intel on how drainage and other aspects of building design/construction behave during actual rainy conditions.

If you simply need an extra pilot for a one-time gig or a visual observer for a team that is deploying into a wilderness environment, then our founder (Jim Armstrong) is FAA-licensed and has a 107.29 (daytime operations) waiver.

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If you need volunteer-based services, there are many good ones. We are often impressed at the breadth and quality of daytime SAR operations performed by volunteer organizations all over the country. If you are part of such an organization (particularly mountain- or ocean-based SAR), you have earned our tremendous respect. We hope to have the honor of working with you at some point in the future.

And then, there is the pit of despair when all hope seems lost. It's nighttime. Wild animals are out. There is a growing fear that your loved ones have fallen victim to foul play by operators who may still be in-theater. You need someone who is willing to go into that fearsome blackness and take care of business.

Generally speaking, we try to offer free services for daytime operations. Night and special circumstances are for-fee operations. We can bring a lot of technology to bear, including both aerial and ground-level thermal sensors, and NODs.

Not everything searched for is human. If it needs to be found, identified, and tagged (even if only providing coords and marking the asset with an IR strobe), then we would like to talk with you.

At this time, we are making contact information primarily available to LE agencies and other SAR teams who might have need to offer options to those wishing to extend the parameters of an existing search. In the future, we hope to offer monthly plans to individuals for on-call services.


Run And Gun

When you think of L-5, think of outdoors. Think action. And, don't think only of video as we provide HDR Photography services to business clients as well!

Sometimes, the most challenging aspect of getting the shot is just getting to the shot. If you're in that situation, you have found the right partner for the job. Run and gun is our style, and travel videography what we do best.

Do you need some challenging documentary footage, even of dangerous situations such as protests/riots? Do you need someone to ingress miles from your primary shoot just to get that 'right footage' of a nearby waterfall? Do you need someone to wait for hours for just the right conditions for only a few seconds of B-roll? Do you need someone to rig a GoPro to capture some unique action? Do you need night videography (IR Illuminated)? Do you need a aerial shot following a person or vehicle during extreme motion? If so, you've come to the right place.

Our Walkabout style of video is proving to be popular - Read more about it right here!

L-5 Imaging's success with all outdoor conditions (day or night) encountered in search-and-rescue operations leverages quite nicely into travel, outdoor, and action videography. Check out our videography page and then please contact us for more information.

Industrial Inspection

Industrial Inspections

Where is equipment overheating? Where is our building losing heat? How is scaffolding and framing of this building progressing? How does this structure drain in real time during rain?

These are just a few of the questions we can help answer. We can bring a variety of technologies into play, both aerial and ground-based, in order to provide critical intel to assess your project. These include:

  • Drone w/thermal sensor
  • Aerial Photography (21MP)
  • Thermal Monocular (up to 22X zoom)
  • Night vision monocular(s)

We have two drones that are valuable for unusual inspections. One platform has state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance with no internal magnetometer. This drone is superb for up-close photos of metal structures.

We can also operate in rain and snow (inside reasonable limits, of course). You can see how critical aspects of a structure behave in real-time, in the rain!



This is one service we offer both to businesses (team-building exercises) as well as individuals wishing to sharpen their outdoor skills.

It's tempting to think of hiking or trekking as a typical outdoor, on-foot activity. Some hikes (especially long through-hikes) can be very challenging.

L-5 offers outdoor expeditions to various locales in the north Texas area (both day and night). When hiking, it is common to follow a fairly well-marked trail over territory that has been formed largely by human foot traffic. Some people use GPS, set waypoints, and then count on their device to lead them back to a starting point.

We teach how to navigate using only terrain features and occasional use of compass. This includes how to determine direction even in an area where compass readings are unreliable. We don't follow maps - we make the maps. L-5 Imaging's founder, Jim Armstrong, will teach you how to make your own ingress maps, measure distance, and navigate through difficult terrain (that is not typical hiking territory) using minimal technology.

These techniques will not only boost personal confidence; you will learn how to operate in gps-compromised and other environments in which others would be hopelessly lost.

Check out our expeditions page to see the list of guided activities, many of which are at the LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX.

Want to organize an activity closer to your business or home - perhaps you are outside the Dallas, TX area? No problem - contact us and we will make it happen!

HDR Photography

HDR Photography

L-5 Imaging specializes in HDR still photography. We can provide both realistic looks for real-estate applications (for example) as well as stylized looks with use cases in calendars, desktop backgrounds, unique videos, and other multimedia applications. In fact, we offer a couple free wallpaper images on the HDR Photography page, so check it out and please contact us to discuss your custom photography applications.

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