L-5 Imaging Videography

    These videos were mostly shot at 4K/30 or 4K/24 (the exception being night-vision devices), but are displayed online in HD 1080p. Samples run the entire gamut of time of day and lighting conditions (filters are generally applied depending on specific light conditions). We provide footage to clients as-shot in MP4 format, and generally in a color profile that can be graded as desired by the client. We have some flexibility in terms of color profile depending on shot requirements and specific camera(s) used to provide more flexibility in post. If required, we can do grading and some post in-house.

    If you are interested in freelance color grading or other post services, then please visit our new and evolving collection of color-grading examples.

    L-5 Imaging is a top professional videographer in the Carrollton, TX professional videographers directory on Videographies.com.