A Walkabout video is just a snappy name for a style of video that intersperses handheld or aerial footage in between timewarp shots taken from a helmet-mounted camera (Go Pro). The timewarp is a type of hyperlapse video in which the camera moves as the operator walks along a specified path. A bystander once described it (as they were passed in the process of filming an example video) that it looks like the Google Earth camera on foot :)

This type of video is ideal for

  • Events
  • Historic Downtown Areas
  • Landmarks
  • Parks
  • Trails
  • Golf Courses
  • ... and more!

A typical shoot begins with a pre-walkthrough of the area followed by mapping out which segments are to be filmed in a single take. It may the be case that filming must be split across multiple sections of the day due to lighting conditions. Supplemental video is shot after each timewarp segment is completed. These segments may include,

  • Handheld, fixed-view video
  • Handheld, tripod-mounted video with pan
  • Handheld, gimbaled video with free movement
  • Drone (aerial) video
  • Interview video (interview you or another representative)

Walkabouts are a fun way to compress a lot of information about an event or area into a small amount of video. A couple examples are provide for you, below. We believe that these examples will spur the imagination and hope that you contact L-5 Imaging to discuss a shoot just for you. Rates vary depending on the type of supplemental footage, but we try to quote competitive day rates to allow shooting more video than is actually required. This allows us to select 'the cream of the crop' for editing and post-production. L-5 imaging can produce a complete video for you, optimized for FB, YouTube, or Vimeo. Or, we can simply provide you with the clips, as shot, along with information on the color profile to assist with color grading.


Please Contact L-5 Imaging to arrange a walkabout just for you!