Our guided expeditions are more than just challenging outdoor hikes where you follow a guide around and enjoy the scenery. In fact, they are quite different from hiking or trekking. These activities are often performed on territory that has been 'groomed' or formed by human foot traffic and accompanied by maps or frequently-posted signage to aid in navigation.

An expedition from L-5 Imaging is a learning experience, where you and your friends or business colleagues train to conquer the outdoors on your own. We don't use GPS for nav and we don't use maps - we make maps! Everyone from scouts to law enforcement personnel can find something useful from one of our expeditions.

Every expedition is an outdoor training class. Some of the many techniques covered include:

  • Fixing an Ingress Point
  • Identifying Important Terrain Features
  • Lines and Handrails
  • Distance Estimation
  • Use of different types of compass
  • Orientation without compass
  • How to create an ingress map
  • Reverse navigation and loops
  • Basic survival skills
  • Water crossing
  • Bushwhacking
  • Sign - both animal and human

Following are the locations and times of year that expeditions are offered. Some courses are offered both day and night, and some only during specific times of the year. Discounts are offered for law enforcement or scouting organizations; discounts are available for groups of four or more if you want to go out with friends or arrange a business team-building exercise. Courses are also specified as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner courses are on more friendly terrain and shorter in duration. Bushwhacking courses, for example, are all advanced and require at least one prior intermediate-level course.

If you need more convincing, check out our business videography page as many of the sample videos illustrate the exact type of scenery you might encounter on one of our expeditions.

  • LBJ Grasslands (near Decatur TX)
  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve (Plano, TX)
  • Oak Point Nature Preserve (Plano, TX)

NOTE: LBJ Grasslands expeditions are free of charge and operate under a nominal effects authorization provided by the US Forest Service. The authorization for L-5 Imaging extends to October 5, 2021 (before which, we will apply for a renewal).

The LBJ Grasslands, near Decatur, TX is northwest of the Denton, TX area. Many people in north Texas do not even know this area exists :). The grasslands are horse country and walkable territory in this area was formed largely by horse traffic. The terrain can be quite different than that experienced by even advanced hikers, and there is very little in terms of navigational aids throughout the grasslands. L-5 offers a number of courses - beginner through advanced - at the grasslands. Many of these activities offer chances to view wildlife, not to mention some of the best views in north Texas. Visit the LBJ Grasslands Expeditions page for more information.

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is located in Northwest Plano. This is a very popular area for daytime hiking and biking. Both paved and unpaved trails exist, and this preserve offers even the casual hiker great views. At this time, we only offer a single night course at the preserve. This is also the area we use for night-vision training for law enforcement. Visit the Arbor Hills Expeditions page for more information.
If you live in the E Plano/Richardson/NE Dallas area, then you might be interested in our introduction to night hiking course at this awesome location! Visit the Oak Point Hiking Courses page for more information.