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Drone Operations

Drone Operations and Consulting

L-5 Imaging specializes in the strategic and tactical use of drones in search-and-rescue as well as search-and-recovery of physical assets. These activities have a high degree of overlap with many aspects of aerial operations in law enforcement and private security. We provide consulting in drone and counter-drone operations, as well as temporarily augmentation of your operations with additional assets or manpower.

Do you need extra help searching for someone at night? Do you need assistance in photo-documentation of a natural disaster or large accident scene? Do you need aerial intelligence during inclement weather that would normally ground your existing fleet (rain, for example)? These are all areas in which L-5 Imaging can help support the thin blue line.

We hope to offer surface- and underwater-ROV operations by Q4 2020, which will provide complete operational support for any mission, without the constraints often imposed by weather and water. We should be able to support anything from providing real-time intel for flooded areas to assisting rescue divers with underwater operational intelligence.

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Search Services

Unique circumstances often call for unique action, and in today's environment where budgets are stretched to breaking points, manpower and equipment often do not measure up to current needs. Temporary augmentation of an operational force can often be a cost-effective solution.

Criminals like the night and they like hiding in dark, covered areas to avoid detection. There's only one problem with that strategy - we are highly experienced in night operations, especially in wilderness areas. And, we specialize in locating people.

Now, our strategy in assisting law enforcement with searches is strictly look but don't touch. We can locate a person, help identify poachers and other lawbreakers, or provide location intelligence (distance and bearing from a known point) to a criminal operation. Detention, apprehension, and 'hands-on' are strictly on you :)

We also advise private security firms on the use of drones and NODs in patrol and general observation of property under the care of the firm.


Training Courses

Want to learn how to fly, or improve existing drone pilot skills?

Want to learn how to use drones for private security patrol, perimeter security, or real-time intel at public events at which your principal is present?

Want to learn how to search for Billy Bad-Guy at night in a large park in your jurisdiction?

Are you already a LE/Security training organization and would you like to augment your course offerings with drone and search courses?

If so, please visit our training courses page for more information or contact us to discuss specifics of customized training for your dept. or security firm.

Training Video

Training Videos

One of the more difficult aspects of law enforcement training is assessing performance and areas for feedback after the exercise completes. This is particularly true with SWAT training, where the slightest adjustment in equipment or tactic can make a substantial difference in the outcome of a scenario.

Creating videos of training exercises is cumbersome and it generally involves both extra equipment and extra effort from personnel already committed to other areas of the exercise.

Leave the creation of high-quality recordings of training exercises to us! We can setup a GoPro cam in a protective case inside the shoothouse so that it is not affected by sim rounds. We can record an aerial view of outdoor SWAT exercises that provides commanders with the means to assess performance by means not previously possible or practical.

If necessary, we can embed a camera operator close to the action in order to obtain footage from critical angles that help your team maximize their training time.



The very term, surveillance summons up fears of an Orwellian police state spying on the populace, just waiting to pounce on any perceived bad activity.

In practice, it's probably the most boring activity in which law enforcement and private security ever participate. Parks and Wildlife can not apprehend poachers until they first identify poachers. The same is true with drug dealers and other criminal elements. You cannot fight crime without first seeing crime.

Whether its searching for illegal marijuana plants cleverly hidden in public areas, identifying poachers, or watching the bad guys from a distance, L-5 Imaging can bring technology to bear on the problem. We don't carry military- or the highest-end surveillance equipment, but there are many cases in which such tech. is not required.

We have very high-zoom cameras (up to 250X in HD video), laser range-finders that can identify distance to buildings/cars (under ideal conditions) out to two miles, drones with thermal sensors, and NODs (including NV video at 24X zoom). We can help train your team on the usage of such equipment or provide rentals for short-term deployments. We can advise on setups for extremely long-range, low-light photography and even embed an operator (remember that we're strictly look-but-don't-touch :) for wilderness-based surveillance.


Equipment Rental

L-5 Imaging is strongly considering equipment rental (starting with NV and surveillance gear) to law enforcement and private security agencies. Please contact us to be placed on the announcement list for this service.

Here is just one example of the type of rig that will be available.