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Night Search

Bad guys have nowhere to hide

Searching for someone attempting to avoid detection is challenging enough; doing it at night is the ultimate challenge.

Time is of the essence as the bad guy(s) have the advantage - they have been able to escape and evade well before the good guys even arrive on scene.

Time is of the essence and time constraints must be balanced with the need to move in an organized manner. Our night-search course focuses on terrain-based navigational techniques that can be augmented with maps, compass, and use of star and planetary motion. This course is offered in two parts - classroom and an outdoor night exercise.

Some of the topics covered include

  • Search grids
  • Natural night vision and flashlight filters
  • Avoiding detection
  • Identifying team members in low or no light
  • Night vision overview
  • IIT
  • Low-light CMOS
  • Thermal
  • Use of drones in search
  • Handrailing the bad guys

The night exercise will allow participants to trade off using night vision monoculars.


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Wilderness Navigation

Patches of wilderness (large parks/nature preserves) and undeveloped land exist even in urban areas, and they provide prime real estate in which bad guys can avoid search and capture. Navigation and orientation in these areas can be challenging, even during the daytime, as there is always a possibility of disorientation, especially when trying to move quickly during a critical search.

Our wilderness navigation course is provided in two parts; classroom and an outdoor exercise. The latter is typically performed at a nature preserve or very large park nearest to the department requesting training. If the department is located suitably far north, then we use the LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Search grids
  • Natural land features, including handrails
  • The importance of lines
  • Use of compass and orientation without compass
  • Distance and range estimation
  • Low-cost optics to aid search
  • Water crossing
  • Animal encounters
  • Comms when there are no comms
  • Creating a simple field kit for wilderness search

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Drone Training

L-5 Imaging offers specialized courses to security firms dealing with both the use of drones in patrol and perimeter security as well as preparation for the FAA 107 exam. Our preference is to partner with existing security training firms wishing to augment their existing offerings with drone operations. We can, however, provide a quote for specialized training just for your security firm. All training includes a combination of classroom and hands-on experience.

We also make the same offer to police academies and departments wishing to begin or enhance a drone program.