L-5 Imaging News & Events

  • July 4th Tribute Video
  • New Walkabout Videos
  • Day/Night Search and Rescue exercise with drones and night vision
  • Primitive Land Navigation
  • Palo Duro Canyon
  • Swamp Tour Video
  • Mavic Mini for terrain intel

This video is the culmination of a very long period of shooting, editing, and collecting aerial footage. It is also a tour-de-force in color grading. We hope you enjoy the L-5 Imaging July 4th Tribute Video.

L-5 Imaging debuts The Walkabout video, a style that intersperses handheld or aerial footage with timewarps. Read more about it, here!. This combined day/night exercise spans six hours over two days. The tactical use of drones in search and rescue is illustrated along with search tactics and night operations. The latter employs multiple light systems and night vision gear. The companion video illustrates the same general path taken during the day. This provides a unique contrast between how the exact same territory looks during the day and at night. It also serves to illustrate primitive land nav techinques for both day and night operations. The video can be seen here.

This video covers a night search and rescue training op at the LBJ Grasslands. The operation illustrates many of the visible lights and thermal imaging systems used by Jim Armstrong, L-5 Imaging's founder. This video is also unique in that it provides a contrast between the exact same territory during a bright day and at night (reference the primitive land nav video). View it here.

Jim Armstrong shows how to navigate through territory using no map, compass, or GPS in this first in a series of instruction and product-review videos. Check it out here!

Three days of scouting and filming, covering nearly 18 miles on foot and some serious off-road video. Weather ranged from sunny and 88 degrees to wind chill below freezing. Check out the business videography page for three videos with a massive amount of B-roll from this trip.

This video covers approximately 1:10 into a 1 1/2 hour pontoon boat adventure aboard Captain Ron's Swamp Tours. If you want to know in advance, then yes, it's well worth the cost!

Shot 4K/24 with a ND-4/PL filter, but I probably could have gotten away with an ND-8 towards the end. That's the thing about action footage - you just don't know what's coming next and there are generally never any re-takes :) Enjoy the downsized (1080p) video here.

A new video is now online that illustrates the use of lightweight drones as a tactical tool for terrain intelligence in search and rescue. The video shows just over three minutes out of over 15 minutes of search footage. It is not cinematic, but illustrates how a drone can be used to save half a mile or more of down-and-back trekking to investigate multiple possible routes of travel or to increase field of view from high vantage points.

You can check out the new footage here.