L-5 Imaging HDR Photography

HDR imagery is the L-5 Imaging specialty, followed by aerial photographs. This page is devoted exclusively to handheld/tripod HDR photography.

L-5's style is move fast, setup fast, shoot fast. It may be hard to believe, but the base camera for all these photos is an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Now, before your disbelief kicks in, please realize that our founder, Jim Armstrong, has supplemented his phone camera with substantial additional third-party software (desktop/app) and hardware. The iPhone 12 Pro Max rig is an HDR photo and video workhorse. And, it's easy to update the rig every time Apple releases a new phone (or is it a new camera that just happens to come with a phone?)

Note that each image has been downsized, watermarked, and .JPG compressed. All images were originally shot in RAW with seven brackets. We can shoot 3/5 or asymmetric brackets if needed. The indoor shots were challenging as no external lighting was used. All indoor shots were taken with the natural lighting available at the time of shoot. Click on any thumbnail to open the downsized image in a new browser window/tab.

If you see something you like, then please Contact Us to arrange a phone call or on-site meeting to discuss your HDR or aerial photography needs.

And, if you like the stylized collection, L-5 Imaging will likely be offering image packs of such images in the future. In the mean time, enjoy some complimentary wallpaper. Each image is 12MP (4025 x 3020). Once you display the image (opens in a new window), set the wallpaper according to your particular system and preferences.