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About L-5 Imaging

Quality Videography and Post-Production without the Hollywood budget

Few things are more frustating than to wrap what seems to be a good shoot only to discover that the actual footage either does not match what was viewed on the monitor or corrections are required in post.

It's even more frustrating to try and locate a colorist who does more than 'toss a LUT at the job' and actually has the gear and experience to achieve a desired look. If your colorist has the video output of their computer direct-connected to a (non-grading) monitor, then your project has probably failed before it even got started.

Of course, just when you find the right person or company, color totally blows your production budget!

And then, there is always the classic - 'I wish we had someone to go out and shoot that B-roll we talked about in pre-production.' L-5 Imaging might just be your new best friend :)

L-5's particular specialty is outdoor/action videography, custom B-Roll and BTS. L-5's founder, Jim Armstrong, engages in night (wilderness) Search and Rescue as a private contractor. He also does detail product reviews in a wilderness setting. It's likely that Mr. Armstrong could film almost any B-Roll you can imagine or even be a videographer for your next outdoor production - think 'Expedition Big Foot' or 'Expedition Unknown'.

L-5's primary services are outdoor and action videography, HDR photography, and color grading. We also do editing and FX, but all in Davinci Resolve Studio.

Most people viewing this page are individuals and small production shops. L-5 Imaging is largely a solo operation. We know what it's like to work in an environment just like yours. We've also make the serious investments in gear (paticularly in the color grading studio) that are outside the capabilities of most small shops. We're your partner, not your competitor.

L-5 Imaging Services

Our primary offerings include


Outdoors. Action. Run and gun. B-Roll and BTS.

Color Grading

Professional color correction and grading with Resolve Studio.

HDR Photography

The next best thing to actually being there.

Search and Rescue

Wilderness, night operations. Volunteer and for-fee services.

Meet The Team

Jim Armstrong

Jim Armstrong


Mr. Armstrong is the founder of L-5 Imaging. He is a former bodyguard (Texas Level IV PPO) and current volunteer for the Carrollton, TX Police Department, Denton Police Academy, and the US Forest Service. He is also an FAA-licensed drone pilot and specializes in the tactical use of drones in search and rescue.

Mr. Armstrong trains constantly with a non active-duty Force Recon Marine. He specializes in night Search and Rescue operations, and his favorite training area is the LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX.

Kenny Yates

Kenny Yates

Business Advisor

Mr. Yates has worked as a management consultant in the technology industry for 20 plus years. His strong background in technology coupled with the management of multiple client ventures in a variety of verticals has created a chronicled history of success. Impacting a variety of Fortune 100 - Fortune 1000 firms and several startup ventures, Kenny has refined multiple practices that allow for the opportunity to excel in many facets of the business consulting process.

Mr. Yates also served in law enforcement for over eight years. He has numerous certifications in diverse disciplines related to criminal justice and investigations while working with and for several agencies throughout the state of Texas.

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