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L-5 Executive Summary

L-5 Imaging was formed with the goal of providing quality, affordable drone operations, consulting, training, and imaging services to a varied clientele ranging from business to first responders. We can cover everything from aerial thermal imaging, videography, and industrial inspections to handheld videography and ground-based night vision.

L-5 also provides volunteer and for-fee search and rescue services, with a specialization in night operations and armed ingress for ops with a high risk factor. Some search activities involve asset recovery or search-and-mark; the latter often occurs in the process of downed aircraft, for example.

Training services offered by the company are extensive; our wilderness experience and love for the outdoors allows the company to offer numerous guided expeditions in the north Texas area. We can also arrange customized training and guided expeditions in other areas of the country.

We are a source of unique footage and backup editing/post services for one-person and small video production shops. If you are a small business, then L-5 Imaging could be a valuable business partner. Check out the Videography page for a wide variety of aerial and handheld footage! You may also enjoy the L-5 Imaging YouTube channel that covers land-nav, night-vision gear, and Search and Rescue operations.

L-5 Imaging just added a new YouTube channel covering experiments and cinematic videos produced with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Droners.io Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot

- And, if your aerial needs require photography or industrial inspection at night, our founder, Jim Armstrong, is FAA approved for Night Operations!

- Check out the new L-5 Imaging HDR Photography service.

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