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Jim Armstrong

L-5's founder, Jim Armstrong, provides Search and Rescue services with a focus on night operations in wilderness areas. This is a very difficult and dangerous environment; in fact, most volunteer teams shut down at night. In some cases, the family or friends of a lost person wishes to have the search extend into the night because of the very high probability of serious injury or death. Mr. Armstrong is trained and able to work in such environments.

Sometimes, the search is for equipment or wreckage over challenging terrain. Again, Mr. Armstrong is trained and able to work in such environments. If Mr. Armstrong works on the behalf of a commerical organization or begins a solo night search at the request of others, then his services require a fee. The fee in case of a search for persons is to offset medical costs not covered by personal insurance as the risk of injury is very high. If Mr. Armstrong works with one or more other persons as part of a search team, or with Law Enforcement, his services are free of charge.

If you wish to contact Mr. Armstrong about SAR services (volunteer or otherwise), please fill out the contact form.

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