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L-5 Imaging was formed with the goal of providing quality, affordable drone operations, consulting, training, and imaging services to a varied clientele ranging from business to first responders. We can cover everything from aerial videography and industrial inspections to handheld videography and ground-based night vision.

We are a source of unique footage and editing/color grading services for one-person and small video production shops. If you are a small business, then L-5 Imaging could be a valuable business partner. Check out the Videography page for a wide variety of aerial and handheld footage and the Color Grading page for examples of post-production FX and color grading. L-5 specializes in grading drone footage, and we are familiar with a variety of cameras ranging from iPhone to RED!

Droners.io Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot

- If your aerial needs require photography or industrial inspection at night, our founder, Jim Armstrong, is FAA approved for Night Operations!

- Check out the new L-5 Imaging HDR Photography service.

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