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YouTube Shorts Collection

Jim Armstrong, founder of L-5 Imaging, has filmed an extensive set of Youtube shorts in both indoor and outdoor settings. Some of these videos were shot and produced in HDR, which is unique for shorts-style videos, even though many modern devices are capable of displaying such content.

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4K Video Clips

L-5 Imaging offers a collection of 4K B-roll video exclusively through Pond5. You might find just the clip you need without requesting a custom shoot.

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Business Focus

Color Grading 20%


Product Reviews 40%


Videography Run & Gun/B-Roll/BTS 30%

30% Complete

Aerial 10%


L-5's particular specialty is outdoor/action videography, custom B-Roll and BTS. L-5's founder, Jim Armstrong, engages in night (wilderness) Search and Rescue as a private contractor. He also does detail product reviews in a wilderness setting. It's likely that Mr. Armstrong could film almost any B-Roll you can imagine or even be a videographer for your next outdoor production - think 'Expedition Big Foot' or 'Expedition Unknown'.

L-5's founder, Jim Armstrong, performs Search and Rescue services with a focus in wilderness, night operations. This expertise makes L-5 Imaging an ideal partner for obtaining difficult or risky outdoor videography.

Most people viewing this page are individuals and small production shops. L-5 Imaging is largely a solo operation. We know what it's like to work in an environment just like yours. We've also make the serious investments in gear (paticularly in the color grading studio) that are outside the capabilities of most small shops. We're your partner, not your competitor.

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