Answers to the most popular questions about L-5 Imagine are provided below; please contact us for any other questions or inquiries you may have, including pricing for various services. Thank you.

  • Do your provide discounts for Law Enforcement?
  • Why the difference between day and night rates for drone operations?
  • Where are you located?
  • Do you rent equipment?
  • Do you perform operations outside the Dallas, TX area?
  • Why do you charge for some search and rescue operations? Aren't those volunteer?
  • Do you create cinematic videos for clients?
  • Do you provide still photography services?
Yes. Agencies can realize savings on SARops, drone operations, and training.
It is more expensive (and practically imperative) to employ a visual observer that is trained on the specifics of night operations.
Carrollton, TX, which is north of Dallas.
Yes, to law enforcement agencies and private security companies. Each agency/firm will be held liable for damages and full replacement costs for all equipment.
Yes, but there is an added ($0.50) per mile charge for travel outside 25 miles of Carrollton, TX. Lodging costs are billable and these will be capped at an agreed-upon rate.

Most of our SAR work is to assist volunteers or agencies involved in SAR ops. We provide drones, night vision, and other very expensive gear that must be purchased, maintained, and insured for each operation, which is expensive.

We also take on operations that volunteers do not, particularly operating at night. The risk of injury to our personnel is much higher and the fee helps offset inevitable medical costs. Some clients wish to search for physical assets and have those assets marked/documented for later recovery. This is not an operation typically taken on by volunteers.

Our business videography services are run-and-gun in shooting style. We specialize in outdoor - hard to obtain - shots in 4K (we can shoot HDR). While we can do a lot with the video in post (even applying a film look), the result is better suited for B-roll from a purely cinematic standpoint. Keep in touch, however, as we expect to add cinematic services (handheld and aerial) in the latter half of 2021.
See our Photography page for current photography services. We are considering adding long-range and night photography services as an aid to law enforcement agencies, particularly Parks & Wildlife.